Montag, Januar 30, 2006

Introducing New Contibutor

Hello, my name is Jessica and I am the newest member of the Jurabilis. I am a 28-year-old single female located in New York City, USA. I am a graduate student in international affairs with a specialization in conflict and security. The body of my contributions will concern this topic, yet they will not be limited to a specific region or pinpointed context. My interests are very wide and I believe this will be reflected in my writings.

Since a very young age I have been interested in culture and civilizations, with history being a cornerstone. I am also very interested in the economic affects of mass atrocities, specifically genocide. Additionally, I am interested in how development, economic stabilization, and adequate resource allocation, can assist in the prevention of atrocities and the general conditions of civil strife that are the precursor of so many the greatest of human tragedies.

I believe my interests can be applied to many different areas and industries, including both private to public. The great thinkers, whom I draw upon, can be applied to many different situations and cultures. Although it must be advised that as many commonalities exist amongst situations there are discreet differences. That is why it is critical for a practitioner be aware of so many different fields of influence. International Affairs is truly an interdisciplinary field!

I look forward to contributing to Jurabilis and hearing any comments you may have. I regard myself as a humble student with a great deal of learning ahead of me. As such, any opportunity to learn is highly sought after.

I will apologize ahead of time for contributing only in English for my written and spoken German skills are far from publishable.


E.K. hat gesagt…

Herzlich Willkommen im Tollhaus jurabilis!

Michael hat gesagt…

Now THIS was poor, E.K. - in english, please. Show a little respect to a lady.
You'll never get a pro.

Alexander Hartmann hat gesagt…

The troll is overwhelmed :)

E.K. hat gesagt…

Der Troll fragt sich höchstens warum die Dame sich jurabilis gibt? Ihr deutsch ist wohl tatsächlich nicht gut genug um zu merken, wo sie hier gelandet ist.

Das halte ich dann lieber in der deutschen Sprache, wegens des Respekts.