Montag, Juli 26, 2004

Andrew Wiles - Bezwinger von Fermats letztem Satz

Andrew Wiles devoted much of his entire career to proving Fermat's Last Theorem, the world's most famous mathematical problem. In 1993, he made front-page headlines when he announced a proof of the problem, but this was not the end of the story; an error in his calculation jeopardized his life's work. Andrew Wiles spoke to NOVA and described how he came to terms with the mistake, and eventually went on to achieve his life's ambition.
Da ich gerade mal wieder "Fermat's Enigma" (von Singh) lese, kommt mir dieses Interview mit Andrew Wiles gerade recht. Das wissenschaftliche Durchhaltevermögen nötigt mir größten Respekt ab!

Eine lesenswerte Einführung zu Fermats letztem Satz finden Sie hier.

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