Montag, März 14, 2005

Willie E. Gary - Anwalt der Superlative

Willie E. Gary lives the American Dream. Once a migrant, now a multi-millionaire attorney, he is labeled “The Giant Killer.” For years, Willie Gary has represented little known clients against major corporations, and he has won some of the biggest jury awards in U.S. history. He has also won more than 150 cases valued well in excess of a million dollars each.
Willie E. Gary ist ein Anwalt, der seine Mandanten teilhaben lässt an seinem wunderbaren Erfolg. Trotz allem Prunk (vgl. “Wings of Justice II,” a custom-designed, 32-passenger Boeing 737) stellt er aber klar:
Willie Gary knows better than anyone that tough times never last but tough people do. Growing up in a poor migrant family, Gary beat the odds to become a multi-millionaire nationally renown attorney, who is known for giving back to the less fortunate.

Gary keeps rising out of the shack he and his ten sisters and brothers shared. Gary was the first black male to go to college from the small town of Indiantown where his family labored in the cane fields. He still remembers the tiny shack where he lived in the Silver City settlement of Pahokee, Florida. Gary often drives by the shack with a clear vision of those times.

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