Freitag, Mai 06, 2005

Manche Prozessberichte ...

... ersetzen jede Live-Berichterstattung in Bild und Ton:
"Mesereau starts his cross-examination. I have been waiting for this since the moment Provencio took the stand.

Provencio is a loosy-goosy bubblehead. His manner is not unlike that of PeeWee Herman. When asked if he's ever had a conversation with Michael Jackson, he says, "You mean like hey, how are you doing, you wanna go see a car show or something?" He's precisely the sort of witness you would expect to be torn limb from limb under cross-examination. I'm certain The Mez has been licking his chops all morning.

As he steps to the podium, buttoning his broad-shouldered, double-breasted jacket, The Mez has the look of a lion eager to eviscerate a tiny lamb. Within minutes, he's puncturing Provencio's testimony. Provencio's key claim is that he heard Marc Schaffel say the accuser's family had "escaped" from Neverland Ranch and that Schaffel needed to do something about it. Immediately upon hearing this, Provencio called a different MJ crony to confirm. This other guy also used the term "escaped." Which would suggest, of course, that the accuser and his family were held at Neverland against their will.

The Mez, leaning in to the podium microphone, just hammers away at this. If Provencio was so worried about the family's well-being, why did he not call the police? If Schaffel was doing such awful stuff, why did Provencio continue working with him, and even help him out with some yard work several months later?

It culminates in a fury of incredulous questions. "On the day you think the family 'escaped' from Neverland"—here Mesereau chomps on the word "escaped" with a dripping helping of sarcasm—"were you aware that [the accuser's mom] got a body wax?"

Gasps and groans from the gallery.
Dispatches From the Michael Jackson Trial

After 45 days, 87 witnesses, and at least 600 pieces of evidence, they're done with their case. Only four of those witnesses actually talk about Michael molesting the accuser. And several more of those witnesses are total nutjobs. But what can you do? You argue the case you've got, not the case you wish you had.
Tja, mein Mitleid für die Anklagebehörde hält sich in engen Grenzen.

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