Donnerstag, Januar 19, 2006

The Google Robot FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (Last update: November 1st, 2030)

What are Google Robots?

Google Robots are our human-like machines that walk the earth to record information. They do no harm, and they do not invade your privacy.

What are Google Robots good for?

Our Google Life search website is powered by the Google Robot crawler program. On the Google Life website at, you can:

* Find out what menus the local restaurant offers at what prices
* See a perfect 3D shape of all houses in your city
* Know how crowded the bar is you want to go to tonight
* Know what items to find at your local mall
* Find out if your library has a certain book available (Also see: What's a book?)
* Know what you said and who you met 3 weeks ago (this feature is available only to My Public Life™ subscribers)
* Locate your friends (this feature is only available if your friends subscribed to My Public Life™)
* And much more!
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