Mittwoch, Januar 04, 2006

Endgültiges Urteil

"The hearing officer did not commit any error of law or fact and there was substantial evidence on the record to support the findings. Respondent admitted crawling under the turnstile and entering the system without first tendering his fare or obtaining permission to do so. Respondent failed to provide a legally valid defense for his conduct. Accordingly, we unanimously vote to affirm the decision and order appealed from."
Die Angelegenheit (jurabilis! berichtete) ist damit endgültig vom Tisch. Der Betroffene zu Recht:
"Entering the system without first tendering his fare"??? Hello, I used an unlimited monthly pass. That's called tendering my fare, you morons.
Leider gibt es aber "new rules of conduct":
Under NEW RULES, it is now a violation to:

Jump the turnstile or enter the system improperly, even if your MetroCard is not working properly.
Wenn Bürokraten Rechtsnormen subsumieren, kommt dann eben eine Entscheidung wie die obenstehende heraus.

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